Check out the recent article in the Kansas City Business Journal featuring our very own Conor Twibell! Conor was part of a panel of up-and-coming young commercial real estate brokers invited to discuss their views on the current Kansas City office trends.

The commercial real estate profession can resemble the Wild West at times, dominated by larger-than-life players who go toe to toe to get the area’s biggest deals.

But a new generation of professionals is emerging. Kansas City Business Journal real estate reporter Rob Roberts talked to six of the young guns specializing in office brokerage. Five brokers participated in a panel discussion, and one who couldn’t attend was interviewed separately.

Like Wild West gunslingers, all six of these deal slingers have had to be quick and sure of aim because market conditions are changing and stakes are high. And, of course, being a young gun on the real estate frontier also requires courage because, in their commission-only world, brokers only eat what they kill.

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